Webmasters SEO Companion Suite

SEO Companion Suite

Download for free the SEO Companion suite - It has an easy to use interface which gets the websites registered under your Google Webmaster account.

AudioSpy - Capture any sound from any process on your computer

Audio Spy - Capture any sound

Download the free version of AudioSpy - the sofware that allows you to record any sound from any of the processes running on your computer - youtube, itunes, web radio, etc..

Free Youtube Downloader

Free Youtube Downloader

Free Youtube Downloader is a Free Software that allows the user to download, convert, en-queue downloads of movies from Youtube. Free to use, no limitations, full software

Yahoo Mass Messenger

Yahoo Mass Messenger - Send messages to Buddies

Softmarket's YMM (Yahoo Mass Messenger) allows you to send the same message to Yahoo users from a list (just a text file pasted into a text box ).

Free (limited) version and Commercial version available without registration

Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder

Yahoo Archive Decoder

Simple Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder is a Free Software that allows user to read the Yahoo Messenger Archive without having to connect to the internet or without providing the password for that account.

Yahoo Online Checker

Yahoo Online Checker - is a FREE Desktop tool that allows you to mass-check the online availability of Yahoo Messenger users without having to login or to have them in your friends list.

You can check any number of yahoo ID's from a simple text file, and let the program check if they are online or not.

Additional you can save the Yahoo Avatar (regardless if the user is on or offline) and send them personal messages from the Program without having to open Yahoo Messenger.