Audio Spy Box

When looking to record audio that is streaming in a variety of formats, convenience is the key! Audio Spy is the perfect utility for anyone interested in capturing audio recordings from online sources, Skype conversations, or media players such as Winamp. Our software is designed to provide complete control to the user by automating the recording

For example, business conversations that require audio documentation can be easily recorded using our specialized audio driver. By setting preferences, any time Skype is processing audio, a recording is being made. This eliminates the need for added steps, such as clicking RECORD anytime you would like to document a conversation.

Audio Spy remains the leader in fully-automated recording software.

In an era in which capturing quality audio recordings often requires added components or extra processes, our recording suite eliminates the need for special recording equipment. The high-quality captures are saved in a specified location, giving you the ability to search recordings and listen to playbacks at will.



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Audio/Internet Streams

Capturing high-quality renditions of streaming internet audio is one of the most popular uses for the Audio Spy technology. From podcasts to music, building an extensive library of audio files is simple when you have a user-friendly interface.

Because simplicity is at the forefront of our software’s design, anyone can become an instant expert in the capturing of streaming audio, and the expansion of their own media library! With the explosion that has been witnessed in regards to online streaming content, there is no doubt that having the right utility in place to properly record it is essential!

Free Version Available

To showcase the efficient, user-friendly nature of our Audio Spy suite, we have a Freeware rendition that only records up to 1 minute at a time. Once you learn how easily our software integrates, you’ll never use complicated audio utilities again!

Audio Spy can capture audio from any process that is currently in operation, giving you automated recording capabilities without complicated programming. With an interface that is intrinsic in nature, just a few minutes can make anyone an expert!

Audio Spy – Full Version

The full version of Audio Spy, regularly priced at $43 USD, is now available for $24 USD! That’s a 45% discount when you upgrade to the full suite today!

Download and install our Audio Spy platform to get the most from your audio library. Any player that you have in operation can easily be recorded and saved for future use. This means that any YouTube videos, Winamp tracks, or iTunes selections are easily grabbed, giving you everything you need to capture clips of anything you see fit.

Don’t let complicated recording programs prevent you from extracting audio files or creating high-quality recordings. Let Audio Spy show you why it is one of the most popular recording utilities on the market to date!



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Free version limitations: recording lenght limited to 1 minute.


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