Youtube Downloader Box 

Softmarket's Youtube Downloader is a FREE Windows desktop software that allows you to download, convert and save Youtube Movies. You can download a movie at a time or enqueue them for download and let the program work until you get all needed movies.


  • IT IS FREE!!
  • You can download multiple Movies from Youtube
  • You can convert the movies in any format you like. Loads of Output formats are available
  • It can Parse Webpages for LINKS and embedded Movies and add them to the download Queue
  • It can get the Links in all open tabs in Firefox and internet exporer and parse them for movie links/embedded movies
  • You can pause/start/stop downloads at any time
  • You can set up the naming convention for the saved movies
  • You can choose any download location you like
  • ... and many more ..


You can download the software by clicking here

See it in action:


You can download a single Youtube Video by using the BASIC interface.


You paste the youtube link in the edit box,


Then you can choose the Movie quality and the conversion format (youtube movies are by default FLV files. In order to have them in XVid or MPG you must convert them). After choosing this options you can press download.



A progress bar will show you the remaining % of the video to download.


For more options you can use the ADVANCED view of the Youtube downloader. This way you can have more control over your downloads. you can manage a download Queue, start and stop individual link downloads.


You can parse webpages containing multiple youtube videos / links and add them to the download queue


Starting or stopping any of the downloads is very easy. All videos will be saved in the download folder.


Settings - you can set up the default video quality, default video format, the language for the program. If you choose "Get Links from Internet explorer" or "Get links from firefox", then Youtube downloader will parse all the links in all your open tabs in Firefox and/or Internet Explorer and add the Youtube links and videos to the Download queue.


You can set up the default file name for the downloaded video. A combination of Title, Timestamp, Video title and username can be choosen for the naming convention.


Press start in order to begin downloading videos from the queue


Download now for FREE!