SEO Webmaster Companion is built to help webmasters monitor multiple websites within a single Windows application. It has an easy to use interface which gets the websites registered under your Google Webmaster account. You can add new sites (that are then automatically added to Google Webmasters too) and you can manage the SEO data directly in this application.

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When first launching the software you will be required to enter your Gmail account and password in order to sync with your Webmaster Account. Websites already in Google Webmasters Account will appear in the left column. You can then add any new website or remove existing from that list.


After logging in you have to add the websites you wish to manage with the software.


Multiple sites can be added at once


You can provide FTP credentials in order for the software can automatically verify ownership for Google Webmaster tools. Then just click “Verify Site” and the software will handle the rest.


After Verification the software will load your website information and display any relevant data.


The Webmaster Tools tabs show the site ranking, messages you may have on the webmaster account and also a keyword watcher, all on the Dashboard subtab .

Next you have the Sitemaps Tab which shows any sitemaps you have submitted. You can also submit new sitemaps to your websites and have them automatically added in Webmaster tools.


In the Search Queries tab you can view the most active searches that lead to your webpage:


To see the keyword density on your website in the way Google sees it - click on the Keywords Tab


The last tab in the Webmaster Tools is the Diagnostics tab which will show any errors or infections that may be present on the website.

Under the Sitemap generator main tab you can scan for all links on a website by a set of criteria, like: Scan Depth, Max number of links and scan time.


After scanning for links you go to the Create Sitemap tab and select the links you want included in the sitemap, then the software automatically generates an xml file based on the criteria you set. The created sitemap can then be uploaded via ftp, also from the SEO Webmaster Companion interface.


Finally you have the Site Monitoring section where websites can be constantly checked for online status and response time. you can also check for specific HTML code that must be present on the main page (for instance websites can be online, but displaying a major error)


For proxy settings, display settings and also a log, you go to the settings menu.


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