Yahoo Mass messenger

Yahoo Mass Messenger - Send messages to Buddies Softmarket's YMM (Yahoo Mass Messenger) allows you to send the same message to Yahoo users from a list (just a text file pasted int

You can use multiple accounts in order to avoid yahoo from blocking your account (yahoo blocks an account that sends too many messages per minute to users that are not in their friends list).

Also to check if your account(s) is still sending messages you can use a verification account that checks if the messages come through (since yahoo won't notify you that your messages aren't going through)

o a text box ).


  • Multiple account send (you can add multiple - unlimited - accounts )
  • Easy add recipients (just paste them in the message box) - you can paste even comma delimited yahoo accounts
  • Optional use of verification account (so you are sure that your messages are getting through)
  • You can use a proxy (socks)
  • Configurable wait time between message sends
  • Mass add to buddy list (you can choose to add a lot of users at once to your buddy list - skipping the annoying wizzard of yahoo)
  • Mass send message to buddies from one account
  • Mass send message to ALL buddies in ALL Accounts
  • Message sending is throttled in order to avoid Yahoo to block your account from sending

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Yahoo Mass messenger in Action :

In the left Text box you can paste your recipient list, and in the right text box type your message. If you use a verification account (see "settings" below) then click on the "use verification account" checkbox. To use multiple accounts - click "Use all accounts"

To add acounts you can simply log in and have the "remember passwords" checkbox ticked. Or you can use the "Manage accounts" option in "profiles" menu

If you want to mass add Buddies to your account - then paste the buddies in the recipient box and in the Tools menu - choose "add buddies..."

After you paste the recipient list and type in your message - click on "send" button. The pause button will pause the sending, and the "stop" button will cancel the process

If you want to use a proxy - click on mesenger menu, and choose preferences. There you can set up the socks proxy. Also here you can add your verification account. This account is used to check if the messages are sent ok. If no messages get through (meaning Yahoo just blocked your account for a number of minutes) the program will use another account to send the next messages. If all acounts are "blocked" the program will wait and cycle through them until one of them gets unblocked.

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